Johnstown Church Plant FAQ

Johnstown Church Plant FAQ

What’s happening?

Sam and Taiylor Romine are moving to Johnstown to plant a new church! A church in our network of churches had dwindled to a few members and took the bold step of voting to replant. As Sam and Taiylor prayed, they sensed that God was calling them to lead this new church plant in Johnstown. We are so excited for Sam and Taiylor and are eager to send them well.

Why is this happening?

Because we do whatever it takes to reach the one! When we hired Sam four years ago, we began talking with him about the possibility of him one day planting a church. We are so excited about Sam and Taiylor taking this step so that more people in Johnstown can hear and respond to the Gospel!

What is Lifepoint Church’s plan?

Over the next several months, Sam will increasingly turn his attention towards this new church in Johnstown. We anticipate that Sam will officially leave our staff team on June 30th. He will still lead our summer youth trips. We anticipate that the new church will launch in late August or early September of 2024. 

We will immediately begin the process of looking to hire a full-time staff member to lead our Middle School and High School ministries. Our ideal candidate will be someone who can reach and disciple MS/HS students who (we pray) will one day be sent out to plant a church. If you or someone you know may be interested, click here.

How can I help?

The most important thing you can do is pray! Please pray for Sam and Taiylor and their children. Church planting is incredibly difficult work. Pray for their new church, that God would use it to draw people to Himself. Please also pray for Lifepoint and our youth ministry. Sam and Taiylor have had a huge impact on so many people, and they will be missed! Pray for our students and young adults, and pray for God to guide us to the right person to hire.

Finally, we want you to pray about how God might want you to be a part of this new church in Johnstown. Pray about moving to be a part of this new church. Pray about committing to give 3-6 months of your attendance as they try to get off the ground and reach people there. Or simply pray!