Lifegroup Commitment

Lifegroups help people learn to love God, love people, and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

A Lifegroup is simply a group of people who grows together.

Our commitment to one another helps us grow.

  • We agree to attend our Lifegroup as faithfully as possible by making it a priority.
  • We agree to let our leaders know if we will be late or unable to make it to Lifegroup.
  • We agree to keep things said in Lifegroup confidential.
  • We agree to participate in our Lifegroup discussion time while being careful not to dominate.
  • We agree to participate in our Lifegroup’s sharing of snacks, caring for our children, and serving our community.
  • We agree to take the time to know and encourage one another both inside and outside our Lifegroup time.
  • We agree to believe the best about one another and to give one another grace as we seek to grow in loving God, loving people, and making disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • We agree to do our best to complete our Lifegroup’s readings and assignments.
  • We agree to pray for one another.