James Hahn

James Hahn

Tell us a little bit about your family and where you’re from.

I was born and raised just outside of Wooster, OH.  I’m blessed to be the husband to Darcy since August of 2005 and the father to two fast-growing sons: Carsten (2008) and Bryden (2015).  Because we thrive in chaos, we’ve recently added a dog to the mix.  JK, we love Sable.

When did you meet Jesus?

To my best recollection, I first met Jesus at a little Lutheran church in Reedsburg, OH in my middle school years.  However, I came to know Christ most notably through His grace and patience. He chased me from, to, and through places of struggle, heartache, and grief.  My ultimate destination was sweet surrender at His throne of grace. In short, debauchery (a DUI) and death (losing a father and 5 babies) brought me to Jesus.  His grace keeps me here. And an honorable mention to my wife Darcy for her honest and firm faith through all of it.

What is one of your favorite Bible verses?

Philippians 4:4 -Rejoice in the Lord always.  I will say it again: Rejoice!

What is your current role with Lifepoint? How long have you been on staff?

As of October of 2023, I humbly serve as the Family Ministries Director of Lifepoint Church.  I come untraditionally by way of a 20+ year career in advertising sales at iHeartRadio, but I go back to the movie theater days of Lifepoint Mount Vernon and have been honored to serve on the worship team since 2014, as a lifegroup leader since 2017, and on the inaugural Ministry Leadership Team of LPMV.

How do you hope your ministry will impact people?

My desire is to encourage and equip people to know and love Jesus.  I pray we might by His grace, come alongside families and together celebrate the name and finished work of Jesus Christ.

What experience/education/training has helped prepare you for your current role?

After 20 years of sales, I’ve deduced that: 1) Sales is fully relational and 2) Sales is just the transferal of enthusiasm.  I feel God has uniquely created me as a relational and enthusiastic creature now excited and equipped by His grace to spend more time talking about Jesus and sharing the Gospel!!  Being involved and leading lifegroups and life teams within Lifepoint Church, as well as coaching faith-based athletics and robotics through other churches and schools in our community, has carved out this divinely prepared path that is tremendously exciting.  

What are some of your favorite shows, books, movies, music, etc?

Shows: I’m a sucker for almost any Docuseries (Nerd Alert!) And of course, The Office. Books:  Brennan Manning’s The Ragamuffin Gospel and Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis were probably, outside of the Bible, the most impactful books on my life.  Movies: I’m actually not a big movie guy.  But we do like watching all the Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe stuff as a family.  Music: I’m basically universal in music appreciation.  I love bluegrass, folk, roots, 90’s alternative, worship music, classic rock, 90’s country, blues, and most things in between.  Some of my favorite bands include The Avett Brothers, Judah & the Lion, Bob Dylan, Rend Collective, Beatles, and The Lonesome River Band.

What do you do for fun?

I love music.  So, I really enjoy playing music or listening to music or shopping for music on vinyl, or going to concerts.  Our family also does a good bit of hiking and camping during warmer months.  I’ve gotten into pickleball and disc golf recently.  I also really enjoy the opportunity to watch and encourage my kids to develop interests and passions. (Currently, that means things like soccer, robotics, art, etc.)

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